Privacy Policy

In our company, we dedicate ourselves in providing you the top level of technical solutions and security. The same values have been implemented when creating this website. We promise a secure and protected  visit to our website to every visitor.
We are not offering, scattering, revealing, transmitting, exchanging, renting, leasing or giving away your identifiable data to any unauthorized individual or company. Your data reaches our internal authorities only. No outsider can access your data unless you approve someone. This promise aligns with all the conditions offered in our privacy policies.

Data gathering

If you decide to send an email to our team using our website, you allow us the access to certain identifiable data, which includes email ID. If you decide to never access our correspondences via email, you can utilize our Contact section on the website. The “Contact” connection records your location to help you conveniently connect with our technicians.

Non-individual proof data which are recognizable

We may collect non-individual proof data that are recognizable. This information regarding the users is collected at any moment during their visit or association with our official website. Such informational pieces may include program name, method of association, type of device, and more.

Browser treats

A small informational bit goes to the hard drive of a visitor while visiting our website. This informational bit is called a treat. We may utilize a type of fleeting treat whenever you access our website. We use this treat to provide better services and experience. It allows us to differentiate between two different kinds of visitors during a specific type of session. The session describes the site utilization time, during which, a visitor stays connected to the website server.

We may leverage the obtained treat information during a session to take your informational data and convey it forward to the procedure of enrollment. This allows the visitors to only include their information once, which gets automatically utilized during the enrollment procedure later. We don’t include any ultimately identifiable data on a treat. The treat gets automatically erased and lapsed the moment a visitor closes the program on their PC.

How we use the gathered data

We only use your name, telephone number, residence location, and email address to connect and contact you for an effortless experience of the services. At the same time, we also use the ID data of a visitor to evaluate and enroll the visitor as a client.

Steps to drop out and modify submitted information

In any case, if you have given the wrong information by mistake, our website allows the freedom to modify your information whenever you want. As our client, you can audit and modify your information and data, even after the submission. You can do this simply by sending us an email with the modifications and the collection of correct information and/or data. We take no time to respond to your requests and revise the required information and data that you provide us.

Sharing your data

We do not exchange, lease, or offer individual ID information and data to outsiders or any other people. However, we may share your non-exclusive amassed type of statistic data that won’t include any recognizable information regarding a person or home. The necessary data is shared only with authorized colleagues, promoters and partners to improve your service experience and other marketing reasons. We may leverage specialist organizations from outside our company to support our business, website, and
services. For instance, we may partner with other organizations to convey studies or pamphlets. These outsiders may receive a certain level of your data that comes with your consent of sharing. The data is shared for restricted purposes only to ensure complete safety of your information.

Security arrangement changes

We hold the right to refresh and modify these security arrangements. In such times, we re-examine the date of refreshing the security approach as per this page. We notify the changes on this page whenever applied. Hence, we expect users to consistently check the information on this page from time to time. This will help you stay educated regarding our approach to individual data safety we collect from you. You concur and recognize that you are obligated to evaluate this arrangement of protection on your own from time to time. You are responsible to find and understand all the adjustments we make to this policy.

Your acknowledgment of our terms

By using this website, you give your acknowledgment to all our terms represented on this page. If you choose to not acknowledge our policy, kindly avoid using our website. If you proceed to use our site, it will serve as your acknowledgment of all the policies mentioned and all the policy modifications as well.

Privacy policy changes

We hold the authority to change, upgrade and/or modify our privacy policy offered on this page. We won’t be giving any notification before making any changes. All the improvements will become applicable the moment we publish them on this page. You are requested to check this page from time to time.